A couple of days ago in Credit Crunch: London Scottish Bank, The Collapsing Pound & Investing to Make Money In The Recession I promised you a review of some property investment courses that we have recently had access to, and this is the first one. It is called The Sophisticated Investor and is presented largely by Mark Tolley, with support from Chris Wright. You may already know Mark as the author of the hot-seller NMD Finance Exposed report that you can find on our website.

The full Sophisticated Investor course describes the business that Mark & Chris run together, shows how they earn a living from it, how they built their multi-million pound property portfolio, and – perhaps most importantly – how you can follow in their footsteps. Their aim is not just to educate you, but to give you a full business model (they refer to it as a “business in a box”) that you can follow. In this respect their course differs substantially from many others that are available.

The Sophisticated Investor course itself comprises 4x DVDs of footage from their recent workshop, another CD with some deal-calculator software on it, a substantial and professionally bound manual of 239 pages, one hour on the phone with Mark Tolley, and 30 days of email support from him. The name “The Sophisticated Investor” is apt because this course covers far more than the average ‘How To Buy No Money Down’ course even attempts to: it introduces you to a whole new mindset, and ways to make money from property at just 10% BMV. 

==> http://www.summitfinance.co.uk/likes/tsi-intro

And yes, I do already have a copy of the whole course!

What I’m going to talk about here though is simply the ‘introductory trial’ DVD that Mark will sell you for just £13. In essence it’s DVD 1 from the set of four, with a few testimonials from the workshop delegates, and some extracts from DVDs 2, 3 & 4 thrown in. It is also, in my opinion, unquestionably worth the price regardless of whether you intend to buy the full course or not.

When it ran in October the £697 Sophisticated Investor Workshop day was split into four sessions, and this DVD includes all the film footage from the first session (together with some tasters from the others as I said) – and all for the price of a cheap movie.

Unlike the cheap movie however this DVD will teach you a surprising amount about property investment, almost regardless of your current level (there were many people at the workshop with substantial portfolios) and I can practically guarantee that after watching it you will be saying to yourself “I can do that, why didn’t I think of that before?”

The intro DVD will give you a remarkable insight into just how Mark Tolley & Chris Wright have built their business from scratch, and it really is no holds barred with no attempt made to conceal any important information or secrets from you. It will also introduce you to an entire extra category of people you can market to, that you most likely won’t have considered before, and then explain in considerable detail how you can do so (and even the legislation surrounding that marketing).

==> http://www.summitfinance.co.uk/likes/tsi-intro

My only criticism – and it is a minor one – is with the quality of a very small amount of the filming itself. Most of the time the camera shows the big screen at the front of the room, the entirety of the PowerPoint slide that Mark is talking about, and of course Mark himself so you can see what’s he’s pointing at. However, for reasons best and only known to himself, the cameraman occasionally decided that it would be more interesting for the audience to see Mark’s head and shoulders filling the entire screen. Personally I’d rather have been able to see the whole slide though!

I put this point to Mark, who is a friend of mine, and he has assured me that all the PowerPoint slides are available to anybody who buys the course. That may not help you with this introductory DVD, but to put it in perspective it only affects 3 or 4 slides (and you can always pause your DVD player before the camera zooms in if you really want to read them – personally I just listened to Mark) so it’s not such a serious issue as the previous paragraph may imply. I’m just very picky!

My strong recommendation to you therefore is that you visit Chris & Mark’s website, spend £13, and buy yourself a copy of the introductory DVD. In return you will get a physical product through the post, that you will afterwards be very glad you sat down to watch. There is no obligation on you to buy the full course afterwards, although I can’t guarantee that you won’t want to!

Anyway, here’s the link to the Sophisticated Investor introductory DVD:

==> http://www.summitfinance.co.uk/likes/tsi-intro

And when you have watched it, why not leave a comment below this post to tell others what you thought of it?

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